Camp Icebreakers

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Compass Name Game
1. Have participants stand in a circle.
2. One volunteer stands in the middle of the circle and starts the game as the "caller."
3. The caller points at a member of the circle and says one of the following: You, Me, Left, or Right.
4. Based on which direction the caller says, the person being pointed at must correctly name that person. "You" is the name of the person being pointed at. "Me" is the caller. "Left" or "Right" are the people on the person on the circle's left or right side.
5. Once the caller points and says the direction, he/she must count to five aloud. The person must correctly identify the name before the caller reaches five.
6. If the person in the circle incorrectly identifies the name, or doesn't speak in time, that person becomes the new caller in the middle of the circle.
7. If the person correctly identifies the name, the caller must move onto a new person of their choice.
My Name is and I like to...
Everyone in the group stands in a circle.
The first person says, "My name is and I like to ______ (insert hobby and act out a motion from that hobby.)
The rest of group then says, "(Person's Name) likes to (hobby) and acts out motion. Example, "My name is Dave and I like Fish (action out casting a reel).
The next person repeats the process.
The rest of group then says that person's name, hobby, and motion and the moves onto the first person's info.
This continues until the last person goes, at which the entire group calls out the last person's info and moves along through the whole group and repeats everyone's info.

Name Toss
Here are the common rules:
1) Arrange the group in a circle.
2) One person starts off by saying the name of someone else in the circle, and tossing the ball to them.
3) That person then in turn says the name of a different person, and tosses the ball to someone else who has not yet received the ball.
4) That continues until everyone in the circle has received the ball once.
5) Generally, the objective is to pass the ball around the circle without dropping it. If the ball is dropped, the group restarts until completed without dropping.
6) You can add a "thank-you, (name)" from the receiving person if you like...

Cross the Circle
Have everyone sit in a circle with one person in the center. Person in the middle names something you have, have done, or can do (e.g. “Cross if you have ever jumped out of a plane, if you own a dog, have blue eyes"). Those people that can give a positive answer to the question will cross the circle and find an open spot of someone else that answered positively. There should be one person left in the center. This person then gets to pick the topic.
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